about me

Hey there!

How do you even begin to tell complete strangers who you are? Honestly I have changed so many times in my life that its hard to believe that I even know who I am. Just like all of you I am constantly being transformed and molded by my jobs, my surroundings, my upbringing, my status, my lifestyle…. it goes on and on.

Well the constants in my life are my family. I was raised in a huge LDS family in Utah {like most are, right? lol} I have 7 brothers and sisters. I can see things in me that I take from each of them, especially my sisters. Where would I be without my sisters? And of course my sweet, soft spoken and humble {they try to make me better, bless their hearts} parents. Love them all!

My husband whom I have been married to for 10 years! He is the best and sometimes the hardest {aren’t they all} part of my life. Not going to lie to you and say that we live on a cloud and feed each other grapes all day long or that our marriage is always rainbows and sunshine, it aint. It is REAL. We fight, we argue…. hello we are 2 humans with 2 completely different personalities and opinions, of course we fight and argue. But we love each other and that is what matters. He’s got my back and I have his. When we dont have to just be “mom and dad” he makes me laugh and he totally brings me out of my comfort zone. I am never bored.

We are man on man right now with our 2 little boys and some days it is all 3 of us against Hayes. He is a tiny terrorist. I truly look at that cute little face of his and feel fear sometimes. Each day is a new challenge {as you’ll see as you follow along} but dang he’s cute. He is a mamma’s boy and I love the heck out of the little guy.

Kastle is my sweet boy. He is so careful and thoughtful about everything he says and does. He is truly an old soul. He gets sassy {he is my son after all} but all it takes to put him back in his place is a nice long hug. He is super smart and so funny. He loves to dance, this kid has moves like you wouldn’t believe. He is a ladies man. We knew this when he was 3 years old and had his first “girlfriend”. I am terrified for his teenage years.

The career that has most shaped me as a person is Emergency Dispatch. I was a dispatcher for 6 years. I cant even begin to explain the toll that takes on a person. It is the most rewarding, frustrating, infuriating job and I have nothing but the highest respect for the men and women that continue to do it on the daily. I think that I could’ve stuck it out {had it not gotten in the way of traveling} but I was afraid of the person that I was becoming as a result of it.

Now I manage and clean our 5 vacation rentals {kids in tow} and I really love it. I have taken each of these units and renovated and decorated them to something that I am proud to have others share.

So very much like many of you….

coffee, running errands, cleaning, doing laundry, school drop-off and pick-up, soccer, gym, work, vacation, coffee

this is me.