FP sandals got me like november = hawaii… who’s with me?

I am ga-ga over fall! September and October has me flipping out over leaves changing, layered clothes and pumpkin spice lattes. But it always feels as if as soon as it comes… it goes. November shows up and all of a sudden the coziness of fall starts to fade, the leaves have all fallen from the tree and that temp starts to dip into “please don’t make me get out of this bed” unpleasant lows. That is exactly when I start dreaming of Hawaii! Just when I should be layering it all on, I want to go somewhere to take it all off.

I can thank all of my “Facebook memories” for this {not so} sudden urge to jump on a plane to some beach somewhere. This is the first November in a few that won’t be spent with my little family in Hawaii enjoying the ocean, sand, sun and garlic shrimp.


Along with Facebook’s taunting posts are the reminders and ads for the Freshly Picked black Friday sale. This sale is the perfect reminder that it’s time to get a great deal on some cute sandals for the kiddos and hit the beach.

My boys both have a pair of the FP blue leather sandals that they wore all around the world this year. Whether your traveling or not, when your a busy mom the last thing you have time for is trying to get shoes onto all of those little feet {12 times a day}. If your’s anything like mine, they kick them off the minute his seatbelt is buckled or as soon as we walk in the door.


The FP sandals are a welcomed time saver and apparently comfortable. I was worried when they first came that my littles would get blisters on their ankles or toes {until they broke them in}, but they didn’t. These are made with good leather that just hugged their feet. And the prong-free buckle makes off and on {and off and on} so much more convenient. They sinch right into place and hold.

I was so bummed when my youngest finally grew out of moccasins. Seriously the only thing I could put onto those fat baby feet, but these sandals have been a good second. So for all of you that agree with me that it’s time to take to the sunshine check out the black Friday sale at FreshlyPicked.com

Now November is not normally the time of year that has anyone seriously thinking about sandals and swimsuits, but thanks to this black Friday sale there is no reason not to. Whether your like us and will be using them this winter or just planning ahead for the summer now is the time to buy.

To shop the sale follow these instructions! Have fun

– Sale starts on Monday, November 20th at 10am and goes through Monday, November 27th
– Every night at 8pm (starting on Sunday, November 19th) we’ll be releasing a video on our Instagram and Facebook accounts announcing a new secret collection that is launching the next day!
– For every $60 you spend, you get your choice of one of nine free gifts with purchase…and they are GOOD!
– You’ll be able to get 25% off on most everything on the site, with the exception of the diaper bags and a special new collection that launches on Monday
– For even more…. check out this page to get all the deets






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