buddyphones, safe audio for my 4 little ears

I was an emergency dispatcher for 6 years so I can tell you how important volume control is for headphones for me, but especially for my little guys. That’s why I was so excited to find Buddyphones.


I can’t prove it, but I am positive that the years of long-term listening {at whatever volume} has had an affect on my hearing. So naturally I am a little more on the cautious side when it comes to my kids listening to their tablets with headphones on. If it’s loud when they don’t have the headphones plugged in, I can’t imagine what they are turning it up to when the headphones are on.

When I saw buddyphones on Instagram I was super excited for the volume control feature specifically, but then also learned about the added bonus of a splitter option for sharing and that they are even “3-year-old proof” {bend away Hayes, bend away}

Seriously how amazing to not have the mom-worry of volume control all the time or being constantly stressed out that the next temper tantrum will mean a broken set of headphones {again}.

We just spent 201 days travelling with our little boys. Most of which was done in a car. We are road-trippers for sure and headphones are an absolute MUST. I think any travel-mama can agree with me on that.

Along with volume control and flexibility the splitter option for screen sharing is awesome. What a cool idea to add that feature for kids. My husband bought one years ago so that we could share the laptop on flights, but to have it as part of the cord is great. For those {few} times that my boys actually get along, it’s so cute that they can share and watch the same show or listen to the same book.

For those of you that fly enough with your kids in tow to be thinking “well volume control at home or in the car is great, but what about all of the loud noises on an airplane?” Don’t worry, they thought about that as well. For families that fly with littles, you will want to upgrade from the standard set to the in-flight. They are still the same darling headphones, but have volume options for loud airplane noise and also have a comfortable padded leather headband.

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