this is me….. i hope that’s good enough

With our 7 month adventure around the world nearing its end I’m thinking about and excited to get back into the routine, structure and glorious monotony of every-day-life. I cant help but think of how exciting our lives have been this year with all of these amazing sites and cities that we’ve visited, all of our lovely new foreign friends that we’ve made and honestly just being able to show our kids that the world is much bigger than just the little bity world that they live in every day.

I hope that I can live up to any expectations that any of you may have for me. Honestly…..I hope that if nothing else you may appreciate me and my content a little more as you come to know the real me and not the “boho-living-out-of-a-pack-new-hotel-every-3-days-messy-knot-yoga-pants-uggs-wearing” me. We are not a full-time traveling family. We did not sell everything that we own to leave on this journey with our boys. We are most definitely not lucky enough to just be independently wealthy and have no financial worries as we travel. We absolutely have jobs and lives to get back to and have even had to work while we’ve been out. But these are the things that made this adventure even more exciting for us and hope that makes us more relatable to you.

We decided {after the economy crash devastated us in 2008} to live much differently than we had been. Because of that we have been able to do some things that we otherwise would not have been able to. First and most important, the help from our amazing family has been invaluable… we could not have gotten out of that hole without them. Next we tightened our belts, stopped spending money on things that really just don’t matter to us right now and tucked our heads and got to work saving and investing the small amounts of money that we made. It really wasn’t the best time for us to leave on this trip “economy-wise” {it is a very strong economy right now and we are in the business} but it was the right time “family-wise”. The boys hadn’t started school yet, the businesses were in a perfect place to be run by other people and recent health-scares sealed the deal. You never know how much time you really have left to make memories with each other so…… there is no time like the present!Many of the followers that I am lucky to engage with have joined me out on the road and may not know that we will actually be heading back home soon to ease {yeah right, literally be chucked} back into our lives. And I hope that’s even just as fun to follow as being out bouncing around this fabulous world, lol {Ill do my best}. We are a crazy wild busy busy little crew. Just because travel may not include long flights every month, there will still most definitely be travel. But even more than travel there will be ME…… being a mom, a chauffer, a doctor, a maid {for 5 homes}, a caffeine addict, a cook, a secretary, a hopeless athlete. {Like many of you}

I have truly loved being able to see so many amazing things and hope that the snaps I caught with my little galaxy s8 are good enough to share with all of you. I am no photographer, but I love trying to be. I don’t have a clue how to professionally edit, but I will always do my best. I am usually juggling a 3 year old on my hip and a 6 year old trying to tease him, its all I can do to catch a moment or scene on my phone… the canon is usually out of the question. I love getting to know friends through social media that really truly have similar lifestyles and interests. I am so appreciative for this community and the help and information whenever I’ve needed to know about someplace we’ve gone. Those few friends are more valuable to me than 85k followers that have nothing to do with me or my content. I hope you agree.

I am sad and excited for the end of this adventure.  I think that we have each figured out the max amount of time that we can stand each other in a day {and had to get over it because we’re stuck together}. I love that randomly my 3 year old will tell me stories about wild animals that he has seen on different continents.  My 6 year old can tell me about places like “Stone Edge” and the “Leaning Tower of Pizza”.  I hope that you have loved being a part of it and that you stick around to see where this perfectly imperfect little family continues to go!


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