international “mom-ing”

Its a strange feeling being a mom while traveling around the world vs being a mom at home {in our everyday routines} and even being a mom on a vacation. This adventure for us is a mish-mash of all 3 types. I have to be a mom and have a routine in a situation that allows for absolutely no routine and have discipline in situations that {on a short vacation} I would let them just get away with.

I was reminded this week {more than usual} that I am not just on a ‘vacation’ with my kids and my husband, I am having to take momming to an international level. At home moms have routines and these keep what little sanity we can hang on to in check. What do you do with a 2 and 5 year old when you throw routine and structure out the window? You laugh…….. or else you will most definitely cry!
I laughed at a clip on Instagram yesterday. One of the cute ladies that I follow said that her kids woke her up from a nap {oh bless you for snagging a nap in the middle of the day} to ask something that they ran right past dad to ask. Why??? Why is it that dad is not the go-to? Why is it that mom is the only one that can help or answer a question? Do you ever ask yourself any of these?

We were getting ready to see Rome the other day. We had a 2-3 hour drive from Tuscany so we {I} woke up super early to pack the car and get us out the door. We loaded the boys straight in from bed so that they would sleep most the way. So when we got to the parking garage in Rome, I still had to get the 3 of us dressed for the day.
I managed to change Hayes in the non-existent extra space in the front seat with me and then handed him off to Rick so that I could take care of Kastle. After I got Kastle dressed and set into the front seat with the other 2 I had to pull out all the bags to get to the stroller {buried underneath} to pack it with everything that I thought we would need for our day in Rome. {I think every mom reading this can feel the anxiety rising}…
As I was doing all of this Hayes screams that his shoe fell off {apparently very stressful for him for some 2-year-old reason} and started yelling at me to come fix his shoe.

*Remember at this point I am unloading and loading the whole car trying to get ready while Rick is sitting next to both kids and working on his phone*

“mom! mommy! mom! moooooooooom!” Seriously!! Why mom? Dad is sitting right next to you, mom is outside of the car and yet it is still up to mom to put said shoe back on. The best part is that through all of the yelling and crying and chorus of “moms” Hayes is spitting out, Rick doesnt once even look up from his phone to fix the shoe. Oblivious!
That was just one very specific instance that I thought was so funny {infuriating}. But it happens all the time throughout the day. Why is that? I find myself saying things like, “dad is standing right next to you” “dad is in the room too” “you know that you have 2 parents right”. Mom seems to always be the answer.

I’m not saying that it is totally dad’s fault, it naturally just seems to happen.  Moms {for whatever sick reason} all have this impulsive desire to make as much work for ourselves as possible. Its a very “no need to get anyone else involved when I can just do it myself” attitude. Besides, I’m almost convinced that when kids are talking or asking for anything, it might as well be like a dog whistle. It can only be heard by mom.

Momming on this adventure is quite different than doing it at home… or even like when we just take a quick vacation. Obviously at home I have routines. On a vacation you can let yourself not worry about laundry or how dirty anyone gets because youll be home to take care of it all soon enough. But this, this is having to find a happy medium for it all. Between constantly packing and unpacking clothes, toys and groceries in and out of the car. Starting over in new locations and having to figure out how to “live” {for whatever amount of time} in these random homes. Things that come easy at home like doing laundry {with the help of  a dryer} or cleaning the kitchen {with the help of dishwasher}, grocery stores that are open normal business hours {grocery stores at all}. Wifi that always works because {I’m sorry, not sorry} netflix is a must when the tv is in another language. Even knowing how to turn on the oven to cook dinner or having to make coffee on the stove rather than in a quick convenient machine. The littlest things that you take for granted at home become an adventure in another country.

I love what we are doing! It is a once-in-a-lifetime journey that we would never get to have in other circumstances. But I’m not going to lie and say that its easy. I am hear to tell you that it is hard work {with great reward} but still hard work all the same. It has been a test of patience, personal space and organizational skill {at a ninja-warrior level}. Long-term travel is not for the faint of heart, lol.


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