5 cities in France that I will visit again… and again


Of course when you think of France, you immediately think of Paris. It is a beautiful city full of amazing things to see and do. Just like all of Europe, Paris is full of history and things that some people cant even image. If your like me you see things on tv and it has always been just that, tv…. unbelievable…. {out of reach}

On this trip, unfortunately we didn’t get to see much more of Paris than just a drive through the city {and of course around and around… and around the Arc de Triomphe}. We spent as much time here as we could, considering all of our circumstances. I will be back and I’m excited to add specific shops, restaurants and sites to my reasons why it is on my top 5. For now it will remain there because it is a truly beautiful city. I am like a kid on Christmas excited to come back and open the presents under the tree.


We fumbled into this city by mistake. The GPS turned off toll roads so all of a sudden it told us to exit the freeway and this is where we ended up. What a lucky mistake! Obviously as we were coming into town we saw the tops of the cathedral so that is what we set our sites on and tried to navigate through this charming little city to find it. We ended up driving through a tiny neighborhood that sits on top of a canal. It was not the right way to the cathedral, but we did end up at a beautiful church, I believe this one is St Pierre Church.

I think we had given up, but as we were driving further into the city center we got closer and closer. This was my first “jump out of the car and I will come back and find you” experience in France. The streets are so small and we don’t understand any of the street signs so they are like mazes really. I jumped out and walked down a few streets to the entrance of this marvelously grand cathedral. Chartres Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres

Remember that this was my first experience with a church/cathedral {we had only been in Europe for 4 days} so I had no idea that you could just waltz on in. Someone on my instagram said that she happened in one day when the children’s choir was practicing… what a treat. Oh well, next time right. I was dumbstruck just looking at it from the outside at this point. I may not have been able to take much more.


Bayeux is near Normandy, France so we visited this city after our tour of Normandy. We went here to see the famous Bayeux Tapestry, but we got so side-tracked with this darling city that we didn’t even make it there. We couldn’t get past the Bayeux Cathedral and surrounding shops. This town entices you with its old world charm and darling little shops.

We had our very first experience with French cuisine {I cant remember the name of the restaurant} but it was delicious! Hayes ate it all right up, even the tasty foie gras.  And don’t forget the macaroons…. oh the macaroons!


This dreamy town is settled beneath the Morlaix Viaduct {the tall arches cant be missed} and you have to drive past the rows of sail boats parked in the the canal. This town is what my dreams are made of. You are probably starting to see how much each of these cities has in common and why they are now my favorite spots in France. The architecture is perfect! Exactly like I stepped into the setting of a Disney movie. I have had the opening song of Beauty and the Beast playing in my head this month more times than I can count. It is truly just like that.

This town is even more magical because the church in the center looks more like a castle made for a princess rather than a church.

I walked into a little bar {I was actually looking for a market} but once I had realized it was just a bar everyone was already just starring at me so I felt obligated to order something. I had {I dont even know, whats smaller than a pint here?} the smallest glass of beer that I have ever seen and fell into a conversation with a local. An older man sitting in the corner booth reading his newspaper and he said to me {in broken English} “American” and I said “yes, English” because I just assumed that he was asking “in what language he needed to speak” and he said again, puzzled “American” and I said again “yes, English” and then I caught on…. oh he’s asking if I’m American and not from England! Duh moment for the win!

The insides of these buildings look just as you would think that they do as well. Just ask Rick, he has hit his head on doorways about 30X since we came to Europe.


La Rochelle reminds me of a cape cod-esq little fishing city, especially when we drove out to the island just off the coast of La Rochelle. We enjoyed the fresh and lively street market and walking through the under-populated streets. We were here during the off season and even though it was a bit rainy for our stay, I don’t know that I would change anything about it. I love not being overwhelmed by the crowds that the “season” brings and the prices that increase from it as well. We loved our little rainy spring time stay in this wonderful city.

Even though these are the 5 that I chose to highlight I would be remiss if I left out Mont St Michel and Carcassonne. These are also 2 must-see cities and at the top of my list, and because of that I feel like they deserve a post of their own.

I always knew that I would love Italy. I don’t know why, but it has always been a romantic dream that Ive had, but I never ever thought that I would love France as much as I have and now do. The people are so sweet and the country is so beautiful and green. I am so thankful to know that it now tops my list of favorite spots to visit.


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